Alright, ladies, the waist training season is upon us, and we have been getting heaps of emails and requests from you guys on one particular topic: can you sleep in a waist trainer? And we totally understand the notion for this curiosity. Waist training during the day is a tough job with all the movement and household chores and office, etc. But it gets slightly more doable at night.

Answer: Yes! Yes, you can totally sleep in a waist trainer. But there are a few rules and regulations that you want to follow in order to do this. Take a look!

Can you sleep in a waist trainer

Type of waist trainer

1. Corset:

This type of waist trainer to wear to bed plays a massive role in the comfort factor while you sleep. And many experts and religious waist trainers often opt towards the good old corset style waist trainer. Now, here’s the thing with corset waist trainers: You can totally sleep with it on, but it is definitely a little challenging. A corset style waist trainer is obviously the more robust kinds. It has steel or plastic bones; it has laces, hooks, etc. The overall structure is a lot like a mold and isn’t the most flexible. Having said that, corset waist trainers are far more breathable and less susceptible to sweating. And besides, it’s all a matter of following a few tips and tricks that will make wear even a corset style waist trainer a piece of cake!

2. Latex

A latex waist trainer is hands down one of the most forgiving and comfortable types of waist trainer. Usually, latex waist trainer will not have any bones build into them. This obviously allows for a lot of flexibility and moving around while your sleep. The latex material of the waist trainer, however, could cause sweating throughout the night, especially in a warm room. Having said that, it is still our first choice for a night time waist trainer. Speaking of which, there are heaps of nighttime waist trainers available that you can look into,

Pre-sleeping rituals

1. Sleeping position

The first trick of all..  .. . is knowing how to sleep! Your sleeping position is going to mean a lot when you wear best waist trainer to bed. If your sleep on your sides, the bottom side is going to receive more pressure. If your sleep tummy side down, then your torso spreads out too much. What you want to do is face right side up and straight. For a little comfort, you could throw in a pillow under your back and opt for a lower and softer pillow for your head.

2. Loosen up!

Now that the sleeping position is out of the way, we need to listen to this one carefully. You should not be wearing a super well-fitted waist trainer to bed. It is fine throughout the day when you are in a vertical position, but when you are in bed the pressure needs to spread. Sleeping with overly fitted waist trainers aren’t just uncomfortable, but it could also cause acid reflux, backaches, and so on. So! The smart thing to do is that you loosen up the fit of your waist trainer just a tad bit before you go to bed. This is especially important for corset waist trainers which aren’t the most flexible.

3. Lose the waist trainer

We also recommend that you don’t wear any waist trainer for a few hours right before bed. This will allow your body to breathe and little and prep for the night long waist training to come.

Less fluid intake

And finally, the last tip of today’s episode involves nighttime eating. If you are going to wear a waist trainer to bed, then we highly suggest that you do not bulk up on fluid or food right before going to sleep. This tip, apart from ensuring a proper fit, will also ensure that you do not make to make trips to the loo halfway into the night with your trainer on. Eating too much with a waist trainer on could also make you feel bloated. So, drink moderately and practice portion control.