If you want a super body you’re gonna need super biceps. Even though it’s a smaller muscle group biceps are very visual and they help you get that super look so we’re going to be going over five of our favorite types of exercises of all time.

How to perform barbell curls: grasp the barbell (in case you don’t know already, this is a barbell) at about shoulder-width. Stand, with feet about hip-width apart. Flex your elbows and curl the bar upwards, utilizing your biceps and slowly let the weight down back to the starting position. Note: do not swing the bar up, slight shoulder flexion in your curl is okay.What to avoid: swinging and half reps.

Underhand pull downs: this exercise will bring in more focus to the biceps due to the positioning of the hands, but the lats and traps will also be working. First, grasp the bar at shoulder-width with an underhand or supinated grip, start by depressing your shoulders and pull the weight down primarily using your biceps. Keep your arms tight to your torso and touch the bar to your upper chest. Control the bar back to the top position. Arch your lower back and imagine meeting your chest to the bar as you pull it down

Concentration curls. Okay for this next exercise biceps will be the primary beneficiary. You will get more activation when you try to bring an extra pronation in the movement by rotating your pinky to your shoulder. To get started, first go ahead and grab a dumbbell in the seated position. Slightly lean forward and place the back of your arm (the one that’s holding the dumbbell), against the inside of your thigh flexing your elbow and curl the dumbbell upwards, utilizing your biceps. Try to have your upper and lower arms straight and as you curl. Keep your upper arm vertical to the floor. Do not lean back as you curl. For added contraction imagine rotating your pinky into your shoulder as you curl the weight. What to avoid: pulling with the shoulder.

Chin ups. What it works: a compound motion much like the underhand pull down. The hand position will dictate to extra activation in your biceps in addition your lats and traps. This will help with the shoulder depression and pulling motion. How to perform: Grip the bar with your palms facing towards you or supinated grip at about shoulder-width apart. Hang from the bar with your arms straight, but tensed flexing your elbows and utilizing your biceps and lats. Now pull yourself all the way up until your chin passes the bar. Slowly let yourself down to the starting position. Note: keep your elbows tight to your body pull your chest up as you bring your chin above the bar. Chinups are also a great way to help you gain strength and prepare yourself for doing pull-ups. What to avoid: kipping…don’t be a kipper…in other words, don’t swing your lower body in order to make it over the bar with the extra momentum generated.

Well, there you go dudes and girls…some of our favorite bicep exercises to help give you a great physique. Remember exercise along with rest and proper nutrition is going to take you there.