Waist Trainer

How Fast Do Waist Trainers Work?

A waist trainer that worked wonders for your friends may not do the same trick on you. And that does not mean the trainer is at fault; it is only the fact that results vary from people to people! Listen,

Can you sleep in a waist trainer?

Alright, ladies, the waist training season is upon us, and we have been getting heaps of emails and requests from you guys on one particular topic: can you sleep in a waist trainer? And we totally understand the notion for

Can You Run With a Waist Trainer?

Waist trainers are a fun and interesting way to get that hourglass body without the stitches. However, there are a few do’s and don’ts that everyone needs to know about waist trainers. And today, we will be covering a very

Editor Pick: Best Workout Waist Trainer

Wearing a waist trainer is a challenge on itself for most people, let alone working out in it. We can’t begin to emphasize the volume of emails we get regarding this matter. And it’s true! A workout friendly waist trainer

Are waist trainers bad for you?

Million dollar question, are waist trainers bad for you? NO! Waist trainers are, by no means, bad for you. It is all about control and moderation. Waist trainers as only as good as you are. They are, like most things,