Waist trainers are a fun and interesting way to get that hourglass body without the stitches. However, there are a few do’s and don’ts that everyone needs to know about waist trainers. And today, we will be covering a very popular question: Can you run with a waist trainer?

The Answer: Yes! Yes, you can. Anyone can run with a waist trainer, but there are a few rules to this. Keep reading.

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Beginner Waist Trainer

If you are just starting out your waist training journey, then we highly and strongly recommend that your refrain for running, or doing any sort of exercise for that matter, with your waist trainer on. Why? It’s all about conditioning! Waist trainers comprise of a lot of steel of plastic bands that stand vertically across your torso to create a shape. Your body is obviously new to this mold. It is, therefore, going to experience enough discomfort as is, like sweating, itchiness, and increased pressure. In other words, your first few weeks or months are going to be a little challenging on its own. And running with this trainer on right from the first week is going to be no less than hell! You could (you should!) experience a lot of skin burns, scratches and soreness for all the running and impact. Running with the waist trainer on as a beginner is a NO from us. You are going to need a few weeks, or a month even, just to get comfortable and break into the waist trainer. Don’t make the process more difficult and bitter by running with it so early. There’s plenty of time for that.. . . .

Expert Waist Trainer

If you now feel at one with your waist trainer, like it is your second skin, then congratulations! You have made the massive leap and have successfully broken into your waist trainer. And this is where the fun begins! Now that you are 100% comfortable with your waist trainer, you can now begin and test a few experiments here and there. The common being, running! Yes, an expert waist trainer who is absolutely comfortable in their corset can run with it. It is perfectly fine. However, there are still a few restrictions that you must not breach.

Loosen the Knots

The first and most important thing to do when running with your best waist trainer on is too slightly loosen the fit of the trainer. You have to understand that when you run, your torso shifts shape ever so slightly. The waist shift is around your waist and the hip area where they tend to twist from right to left as you take each step. It is therefore only normal that you loosen up the laces and the overall fit of the waist trainer to make room for this. Running on a super fitted waist trainer is bound to cause burns and soreness. You want to leave your torso a little room to move as you run.  Which bring us to our second point!

Low Intensity Running

Running! If you think you can run around the block just because you broke into your waist trainer, then boy do we have news for you… . . . .You CAN’T.  And more importantly, you shouldn’t! Apart from loosening down your fit, you will also need to control the speed and intensity of your running. High intensity and vigorous running only do more harm than. It does no good at all. You need to take the fact into account that your waist trainer is pretty much compressing your torso. Even though you may not feel like it anymore since you are used to it now, but the waist trainer is putting pressure throughout your abdomen, hips, and back. High-intensity running will surely wear your out within less than a minute. Believe us. We tried! Instead, what you want to be doing for the best running sessions in your waist trainer is run on a lower speed with enough time to breathe and recover. This way, you can run more and run further without feeling a tad bit uncomfortable in your trainer!

Running with a waist trainer isn’t impossible as long as you follow these tips. Good luck!