Working out might extract some great amount of water from the body, but it still leaves some dissatisfaction in you. You might wish something that will pat your back and will hold you tightly and say: Don’t worry! I will be here with your journey. Well, the good news is, you can have that friend to stay with you while you’re working out. And that friend is Bracoo waist trimmer. This best waist trimmer belt has all the goodness from motivating you to removing excess water. And for this, I have come up with this Bracoo waist trimmer reviews 2018. Here you will get to know a lot about the trimmer with its pros and cons so that you can learn what does the product do.

Bracoo Waist Trimmer Reviews

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Features of Bracoo Waist Trimmer Reviews:


Health Impression:

Bracoo Waist Trimmer Reviews 2018Bracoo proudly boasts to make a great impact on health if you use their waist trimmer. It states to be effective for burning down the calories by insulating and raising the temperature of the stomach core. With this, you will be able to upturn your heart rate that will result in burning more calories. And all this activity will be done while sweating your abdomen. Although it might not help you lose fat real quick as for sweating your body, it does the job amazingly. Besides, the trimmer also helps your core to be kept tight and warm. But to get it work, you will be needing to work out with it. Moreover, since it gives emphasis more on warming your body and not losing fat, it is important that you expect less to get slimmer with it.


Wearable Perimeter:

Bracoo Waist TrimmerOne of the reasons for which people are coming up with Bracoo waist trimmer reviews is that the trimmer is very easy to wear. All you will have to do is just wrap it around your abdomen, fasten the Velcro and then you are good to go. There is also an option of adjustment so you will find it very flexible. However, the wrap comprises of tactile anti-slip grid surface with the internal lining. Although the aim of this feature is to keep the belt in place there are some people who could not wear it pleasantly. While some said that it didn’t cover their whole abdominal area, some said it continued to slip off the body while working out. Although the brand limited it to fit up to 40-inch in circumference, so there are some lacking found in the trimmer. But if it holds your waist perfectly, it will definitely be a good buy.


Quality Criterion:

Bracoo Waist Trimmer qualityAnother reason why Bracoo waist trimmer reviews are giving thumbs up to this belt is that they come up with quality. The brand highlights it to have superior Velcro for gripping the body. But some of the users found it to be worn out over time. Thus, there is a chance that it might disappoint you a little with the grip. Besides, there is another factor that might result in displeasure which is its odor. Coming in 100 percent latex free neoprene, the trimmer is supposed to be odorless, yet many people got some smell coming out from it when they received it new. However, the smell will still get faded with time, so it will not be a big deal. And when it comes to the material, you will find it absolutely non-toxic, so the trimmer comes with great quality that deserves to be bought.


Gender Limit:

Well, there is no gender limit to get the Bracoo waist trimmer and wear it. Be it a man or woman, anybody of any age can have it as it is completely a unisex product. So, if you think you will need something to shoot up your fat, this belt can act as a great supplementary to help you lose your weight and keep your body in shape.



  • Able to keep your body warm and bring out sweat from it.
  • Can fit up to 40-inch in circumference.
  • Easily adjustable and flexible.
  • The Velcro holds strongly well.
  • The anti-slip grid surface helps to prevent slipping off the body.
  • The material makes the belt absolutely non-toxic.
  • Both the male and female will be able to wear it.



  • Might not help you lose fat if you don’t work out.
  • Will not burn calories faster.
  • Anybody exceeding 40-inch in the circumference of the abdomen will not be able to wear it.
  • The belt might not cover full the stomach.
  • Some users got a strange smell when they received it new.
  • The Velcro might wear out fast, so there is a doubt about its durability.



Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is the height of this waist trimmer?

A: The height of the Bracoo waist trimmer is 7 inch.

Q: Can you actually lose fat wearing this waist trimmer?

A: The Bracoo waist trimmer does help you lose weight by bringing out sweat from the waist but you won’t lose it just by wearing the belt. You will need to do workout and follow a healthy diet along with wearing the trimmer.

Q: Is it possible to hide your tummy if you wear it under a shirt? Can you use it both indoor and outdoor?

A: The waist trimmer might show up if you wear a tight shirt, otherwise it will not be that much visible. And yes you can use it both indoor and outdoor and every day.

Q: Can it make you sweat? And is it adjustable?

A: Yes, it is able to make you sweat and you will not face any trouble wearing it as the belt it pretty adjustable.

Q: Would you get any irritation while wearing the belt?

A: No, you won’t get any irritation while wearing the belt.


Wrap up:

Now that you know all the good and bad features about this trimmer from the Bracoo waist trimmer reviews, guess it will not be very hard to go for it and buy the thing. If you think the trimmer has all the qualities that go along with your expectation, then I think you can take this into account.