Million dollar question, are waist trainers bad for you? NO! Waist trainers are, by no means, bad for you. It is all about control and moderation. Waist trainers as only as good as you are. They are, like most things, come with their own set of pros and cons. Today’s we will be looking at some of the negative aspects of wearing a waist trainer.

1. Uncomfortable

Surprise! Surprise! One of the first and most infamous challenges of wearing a waist trainer is the discomfort associated with it. Waist trainers, by design and nature, will compress your torso to give it that desired hourglass shape. Some waist trainers exert more pressure, some exert less. However, it doesn’t change the fact that it is a little uncomfortable to wear, especially for beginners. There’s a lot of stuffiness, a lot of sweating and heaps of sweat. However, we must also admit that waist trainers today are way more forgiving than what they were before. Unlike our sisters from the Victorian Era, we don’t have to crush our ribs and stomachs to please the Lords.. . . .

2. Uneasy breathing

The waist trainer, no matter what kind or type it is, will always be tinier at the waist. Which is obviously only normal since the whole point is to accentuate the waist! Having said that, this sharp cinching effect around the waist and all over the torso can prove to be an obstacle between you and free breathing. This compression pushes in on the rib cage and lungs and can cause breathlessness and short breaths. In other words, you will feel a little respiratory restriction due to the compression. But, you can always avoid this by selecting the right size and adjusting the right tightness. We have had plenty of users downright faint due to over exaggerating the tightness of their waist trainers. Don’t be that person..

3. Squishes internal organs

We weren’t kidding when we said that a waist trainer compresses! So much so, that it will even push compress and push in the internal organs like your ribcage, lungs, and stomach. In the bygone years, overly fitted waist trainers have been proven to as much as dislocate and shift organs in women’s bodies! Luckily, waist trainers and the overall waist training regime aren’t that barbaric today. You can easily adjust the fit and tightness to your comfort.

4. Restricts Eating

One of the many side effects (more like a blessing!) of wearing a waist trainer is that it will affect your regular eating habits. How? Well, the compressions and pressure from the waist trainer will obviously squeeze your stomach a little. As a result, you will find that you won’t be able to eat as much as you would regularly. It is very difficult to overeat wearing a waist trainer because every “extra” morsel will make you feel bloated and nauseous. Now, this isn’t a good thing for sure. But we would like your point out that this side effect is not as bad as it sounds. It teaches the importance of portion control and that’s never a bad thing.

5. Isn’t easy to exercise with

Alright here’s what we really don’t like with waist trainers. Waist trainers can make your vastly physically restricted. You should know that all waist trainers, no matter the type of brand, are worn sizes down. This, on top of the compression, can majorly restrict your ability to move freely. You will find running, squatting and bending to be especially difficult. Having said that, there are waist trainers in the market today that are way more comfortable and flexible than your corset style trainers. Although they aren’t 100% trouble-free either, they do end up offering more flexibility.

6. Could cause skin irritation

Waist training has a lot of ups and downs. One of the most common downs includes skin irritations. This is especially true for new users or people with sensitive skin types. Because that part of your body will remain highly void of ventilation, there are bound to be some sweating involved. And profuse sweat brings skin issues. You could experience problems like rashes, acne, skin burns, and soreness. However, it is majorly avoidable by ensuring proper hygiene and cleanliness of your waist trainer.